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Who We Are

New Era Learning Center is located in Powder Springs, Georgia. Our center was established in the year 2000 by Dr. and Mrs. Onwukaeme with another location in Forest Park, Georgia. With over 10 years of experience, we continue to provide quality, affordable early childhood education. Dr. Ben Onwukaeme and Mrs. Chika Onwukaeme are both educators. Dr. Onwukaeme has taught in a university for many years. Mrs. Onwukaeme holds a Specialist degree in counseling and was a school counselor for over twenty years.
The Center recently received a congratulatory message from the Governor of Georgia for becoming a 2 Star of 3 Star Quality Rated Program.

Here at New Era Learning Center, we offer a complete program of learning and fun for your child. We believe that a high-quality early education program is critical for a child’s development and growth, especially during their impressionable years. Our educational programs individually address the focal areas of growth; physical/motor skills, social/emotional growth, approaches to play and learning, language/literacy, and cognitive development.  

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The New Era Advantage

  • We are currently the only 2 Star Quality Rated Program in the City of Powder Springs.
  • We have highly qualified staff members on our team.
  • We use technology in our classrooms to introduce children to all learning styles.
  • We have security entrance and cameras in the building to keep our children safe and secure.
  • We maintain a clean environment, so our children can freely explore and play.
  • Our students wear uniform so they can dress smartly.


To provide a high-quality and rich learning environment by creating experiences that enable each child to grow at their own natural pace while building their self-confidence, strengths, and skills.


Every child will matriculate from New Era emotionally sound, and academically ready for school. We also envision to be the daycare center of choice in the community we serve.